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Light Dump Bodies



E-Tipper Body:


The evolutionary E-Tipper gives you all of the most desired features in a dump body - strength, value and style.


From the sculpted front and rear pillars to the one-piece seamless sides, to the western crossmemberless understructure, the E-Tipper combines good looks and durability with superior design.


Features can be added to create the most versatile body for your needs without custom leadtimes. Body options and accessories add function, are extremely economical and easy to order.

S-Tipper Body:


The S-Tipper from Crysteel is designed for contractors looking for added corrosion protection from harsh environments and corrosive materials. High strength and impact resistance mean a long, functional working life for this dump body. In fact, because of the S-Tipper's extended life cycle, in many cases this material option is the least expense and best value over other material options.


The S-Tipper offers a modern, clean looking, easily maintained and attractive appearance and brings a tough, hardworking, long lasting profile to any fleet.

Deuce E-Tipper Body:


The Deuce E-Tipper combines rear and side dumping capability in one body for increased productivity. Dump to the rear for typical applications and use the side dump feature for hard to reach places in tight jobsites and for easy spreading of material.


The Deuce is also available in stainless steel for added corrosion protection from harsh environments and corrosive materials.


The power behind the Deuce is a double-acting Lo-Boy hoist on a bayonet swivel. The additional double-acting power allows the Deuce to lift larger loads--up to 11 ton capacity!

Landscape Tipper Body:


Landscape Contractors will appreciate the built-in conveniences of the Crysteel Landscape Tipper. The unibody design gives superior strength and less area for material to catch giving you an easier clean-out.


An optional full weld-on cabshield has built in accommodations for the tarp and is 40" wide to allow wheelbarrow storage with tie down hooks included!

A-Tipper Body:


The Crysteel A-Tipper has been redesigned with minimum welds, innovative features, and a modern aerodynamic design.


The A-Tipper is designed for contractors and municipalities that need strength, durability, and lightweight efficiency. The efficient new design results in a weight reduction of 200 lbs per body. Lightweight aluminum also offers increased payload capacity, corrosion resistance and lower maintenance costs.


The new A-Tipper comes with the all-new, exclusive tailgate design from Crysteel. This new design features independent tailgate latching, minimal welds and a 3/8-inch stainless steel handle. The positive independent locking latches allow users to easily drop the tailgate, spread-through, or simply remove.

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